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Kayo originally hails from Tokyo, Japan, but has been living in the USA since the 1990s. All these years, she wondered why onigiri, one of the most beloved foods in Japan, had never caught on in America. Kayo has made it her personal mission to spread the joy of onigiri, sharing them with co-workers, friends, and even with the schoolmates of her children, Taizo and Kenzo, in Boulder, Colorado. From foodie adults to finicky kids, onigiri has been a big hit everywhere Kayo has shared them. As the popularity of onigiri grew, Kayo realized she could spread the smiles even further, and so she founded Rice Works in 2015.

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Rice Works would not have been possible without the advice, inspiration, and support of these amazing people and companies! Thank you to everyone for your invaluable contributions to the success of Rice Works!
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